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A list of conferences and events run by other organisations relevant to family research, policy and practice is below.

For information on these events, please contact the respective conference organiser. Information about these conferences has been obtained from a variety of sources. No liability for the accuracy of dates or other content is assumed.

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September 2014

3-5 September Cape Town, South Africa Keeping Children Safe Conference
4-5 September Alice Springs, NT Action of Social Determinants of Health
4-5 September Canberra, ACT Engaging Indigenous Economy Conference
4-7 September Melbourne, Vic. Early Childhood Australia 29th National Conference - Seasons of Change
7-10 September San Diego, USA International Conference and Summit on Violence, Abuse and Trauma
8-12 September Darwin, NT International Evaluation Conference - Unleashing the power of evaluation
9-12 September Helsinki, Finland 10th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues
10-12 September Gold Coast, Qld National Homelessness Conference
10-12 September York, UK National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers Conference
14-17 September Nagoya, Japan International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect
15-17 September The Hague, Netherlands New directions in statelessness research & policy Forum
16 September East Melbourne, Vic. Power to Persuade Symposium- building knowledge and capacity for policy change
17-18 September Sydney, NSW Solving complex implementation problems: 2nd Biennial Australian Implementation Conference (AIC)
17-19 September Shanghai, China International Family Law Conference
17-19 September New Orleans, USA CWLAs National Kinship Care Conference
17-20 September Gold Coast, Qld International Association for Volunteer Effort
19-20 September Melbourne, Vic. Healing ways - art with intent
24-26 September Manitoba, Canada Recent advances in the prevention and management of Indigenous childhood and adolescent obesity
29 September - 1 October Odense, Denmark International Child in the City Conference new
30 September - 3 October Hobart, Tas. Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference new

October 2014

1-2 October New Lambton, NSW NSW Aboriginal Disability Network - Living My Way Conference
1-3 October Sydney, NSW Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology
2 October Sydney, NSW Emerging Health Policy Research Conference new
6 October London, UK Hearing the voice of the young victim of sexual abuse
7-8 October Bendigo, Vic. Violence prevention, it's everybody's business
7-10 October Sydney, NSW National Family Law Conference
11 October Clayton, Vic. Mind your family : the impact and management of family violence on women and children new
16-18 October Washington, USA Collaborative Family Healthcare Conference
17 October Gold Coast, Qld Social Work in Health Symposium new
20-21 October Pyrmont, NSW Design for Social Innovation new
28-29 October Melbourne, Vic. Protecting Children and Youth Online
29-31 October London, UK Child helpline International Consultation
31 October - 2 November Newark, USA Male Survivor International Conference

November 2014

4-6 November Adelaide, SA FRSA Conference
12-14 November Albury, NSW Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium
16-18 November Gold Coast, Qld Australian National Carers Conference
17-19 November Leiden, The Netherlands International conference - 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
19-22 November Baltimore, USA National Council on Family Relations Conference
20 - 21 November Sydney, NSW Think Outcomes: forum on the future of social outcomes in Australia
21-22 November Parkville, Vic. Honoring the child, honoring equity conference
24-27 November Canberra, ACT Indigenous Allied Health Australia Conference
25-28 November Auckland, NZ International Indigenous Development Research Conference

December 2014

2 December Adelaide, SA Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders Conference
3-5 December Fremantle, WA ATEND (Australian Tertiary Network on Disability) Pathways Conference
3-5 December Sydney, NSW Australasian Ethics Network Conference
4-5 December Melbourne, Vic. Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference
7-10 December Sydney, NSW ACSPRI - Social science methodology conference


January 2015

26-30 January Geneva, Switzerland World Congress on Juvenile Justice

February 2015

10-12 February Sydney, NSW Asia-Pacific Conference on Gendered Violence and Violations
11-13 February Melbourne, Vic. International Conference on Migration, Social Disadvantage and Health

March 2015

12-14 March Amsterdam, The Netherlands International Convention of Psychological Science
17-20 March Brisbane, Qld Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference
23-27 March Chicago, USA Ageing in America Conference
29 March-1 April Auckland, New Zealand Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

April 2015

12-15 April Edinburgh, Scotland BAPSCAN Conference

May 2015

4-7 May Athens, Greece International Conference on Sociology
24-27 May Darwin, NT National Rural Health Conference

July 2015

5-9 July Perth, WA International Symposium of the World Symposium of Victimology

September 2015

14-17 September Perth, WA SNAICC Conference

AIFS Conferences

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